Joe Coombes

Videographer – Editor

Joe has a BA in Media Production Management which is accredited by DCU and two HND’s in Film and TV Operations and Production, respectively.


Always seeking to improve his skills. Joe tries to be the best as he can be and wants to  represent this in his pictures and videos. Helping clients develop their ideas is one of Joe’s biggest strengths. Joe also holds full literacy in various editing softwares.


Throughout his creative career, Joe has earned experience in camera operation for both live television and film, directing, post-processing videos and images for online hosting and broadcasting. Colour correcting and grading for digital images and video and digital photography on a variety of different cameras.


“Sunsets help me to express my creativity and this photograph represents that”

Motivation Quote:

“The artist needs brush, the writer needs a pen and the director needs an army

Joe is the most supportive person, with the most knowledge I know. He is always calm and really knows how to handle every situation, to make it work and everyone is satisfied.

-Susan Kennedy