Ignacio echapresto garay

Production Co-ordinator

Ignacio has worked in radio and as a Production Coordinator for Lumma Company for over 10 years in Argentina.

In April 2022, he joined the Lensmen teams as he wanted to continue his passion for production in Ireland and Lensmen was the perfect place to develop his skills.

His experience and knowledge of 3D & 360 videos, ads and shooting shorts etc.. makes it very easy and enjoyable for him to work with the team.

His mission is to improve the quality of the videos, the work that is delivered is of the best quality and create a nice working environment.


Ignacio finds teamwork at Lensmen is very good and positive. “The relationship with colleagues is very good. We are colleagues during working hours, and then we are real friends after work. It’s more than just colleagues”.

This is the first project I worked on as a Producer Co-ordinator here at Lensmen

Motivation Quote:

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them