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Green or blue screen technology provides you with the opportunity to spice up your video campaign. If you shoot against a background of a solid colour, you can then superimpose anyone or anything on top in post-production. The background becomes transparent, and can be replaced with a video clip, image, or graphic.

These screens are blue and green as there is no blue or green in human skin tones, thus the subject will not blend into the background. Green screens can be used in various different ways, they can work indoors and outdoors. Blue screens are darker screeens and thus work best in low light.

This simple process can be used for any type of video, such as an address by a CEO, a welcome message, an instructional video using graphs and figures, or a promotional message showing what facilities are available from a company. Moreover, it can help you make your video more engaging and keep viewers interested.

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For a better idea of how green/blue screen technology works, watch the video below.

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