Fixed Time-Lapse Camera System for Office Buildings and Industrial Units in Ireland

360 Virtual Walk-Through Time-lapse

Fixed Time-Lapse Camera System offers:

      • Project Monitoring, Asset Protection, and Risk Reduction.
      • Marketing, Advertising, and Documentation Material.
      • Live Stream from Remote Locations Over the Internet.
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Documentation Material.
  • Live Stream from Remote Locations Over the Internet
  • Project Monitoring, Asset Protection, and Risk Reduction.

Fixed Time-Lapse Camera System | Project Monitoring | Onsite Video Production Service

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Fixed Time-Lapse Camera System

Fixed Time-Lapse Camera System is set up in fixed semi-permanent locations for the duration of any project. The camera’s positions can be altered during the work. All cameras require an Uninterrupted Power Supply and a reliable Broadband connection.

Onsite Video Production

The lensmen team of videographers will come to the site to shoot video footage throughout the project.


Lensmen editing team will edit and create both short and long-term time-lapse video content. During editing, title pages are added and a choice of music soundtracks to match the mood and tempo of the video offered to the client. When happy with the content, clients are presented with a completed marketing ready video suitable and fitting to show and share with pride. Finally, clients are provided a hard-drive containing the entire raw footage from the assignment.                                                                                                                              


Full history recorded off­site for the duration of the project. Can be shared with multiple accounts. Embed code provided for viewing of historical footage.

Live View:

Can be restricted or shared with chosen stakeholders. Viewable via any smart device.


Unlimited viewing client accounts. Camera views can be shared with clients and external users. Clients can be provided with Full Entry or View Only rights to video content.


Controlled circulation scheduled pictures by email to client stakeholders. Recurring photos monitor progress. Self-service with full Evercam support.

Snapmail is used by our clients’ partners who may not have access to live or recorded views. These may include project associates, subcontractors, and project managers.


On completion of a successful site survey, carried out by Lensmen and its partners, camera specifications and a number of positions envisaged are passed onto the project installation team, who manage the installation and testing of the equipment. Lensmen’s partners have a full Private Security Authority (PSA) licence.

Post-installation support and follow up for the project:

Once our fixed camera installation is complete, the installation team will support the devices and set up for the duration of the project.

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