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Susan Kennedy – the owner of Lensmen – is an experienced professional editorial photographer working in Ireland, England and Europe for agency, corporate, editorial and private clients worldwide, including Dublin / London / USA / UK/ Australia. She also shots and creates Video Production for Advertising / Commercial / Corporate / Social media.

Susan has worked for Lensmen for 27 years. Lensmen is a photography agency in Dublin, Ireland, that specialises in conference, corporate, commercial, editorial, reportage photography, press, photojournalist, lifestyle photography, news, portraits, architecture, advertising, public relations, product, events, location and advertising, annual report, PR and corporate editorial.

If you would us to work with your photographic or videographic projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 00353 (0)1 8197738 or send us an email at info@lensmen.ie

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Architecture, Advertising, Public Relations, Product, Events, Location and advertising, annual report, PR and corporate editorial. Conference, Corporate, Commercial, Editorial, Reportage Photography, Press, Photojournalist, Lifestyle photography, News, Portraits, Architecture,