Video Production Service using GoPro

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Since Lensmen Photography & Video bought our first Go-Pro last year, we have been in love with the tough little camera. The quality of the images it captures is amazing for the size of it, and it is indispensible when it comes to creating time-lapses. A Go-Pro is so small, it can go unnoticed even in a busy, crowded environment – unlike a DSLR with a big lens attached. A Go-Pro is also far more convenient in situations where there is a lot of heavy machinery moving about, e.g. a building site.

Because of their versatility, and the resulting rough and tumble situations Go-Pros have been put in, and survived, rumours of the camera’s indestructibility have been spreading. However, one hiker in Alaska soon discovered that the Go-Pro can indeed be vulnerable – particularly when getting chewed up by the sharp teeth of a fox.

The hiker saw a fox nearby while out on his trek, and decided to leave his Go-Pro in the area and see if it would capture any up-close images of the animal. After he returned to reclaim his camera, though, the  hiker found the fox had been so attracted by the Go-Pro, it had tried to eat the little camera.

Here is the footage shot by Go-Pro, including the entire chewing out it got from the fox: