Why Use Time-Lapse?

Time-lapse is the perfect option for showing the progress of an event over a long period of time. Why use time-lapse? It is perfect for recording the construction of a building, the footfall at a conference, or perhaps the passage of time. A quick visit to YouTube will show you hundreds of time-lapse videos capturing the changing effects of natural light on well-known tourist attractions such as the Taj Mahal, the Grand Canyon, the Northern Lights, etc.

Construction or architectural companies in particular have a lot to gain from the use of time-lapse. They can create a video to send to their headquarters that will instantly demonstrate to everybody just what stage a building project has reached. It removes the need for extra bodies on site, as progress reports can be held in a boardroom, and also gives their marketing departments video and stills to post online or in their printed promotional material.

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See the links below for examples of time-lapse videos we have created:

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