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Lensmen have been working in PR and Event photography since we began in 1952. We have experience shooting all different types of events, conferences and ceremonies. Lensmen are based in Dublin, but our pr photographers frequently travel throughout Ireland for different projects. We have a large portfolio of cliental, with much diversity in our projects. Our photographs and videos are commonly used by news outlets throughout the country. We are used to working under tight deadlines for our clients and we are happy to accommodate special requests while photographing. We also have green and blue screens available for shooting, we can set up lights and the screen for a photoshoot in less then an hour.

We have a passionate team of photographers who use their skill and experience garnered over the years in carrying the photo shoot. We take a mixture of  photos at events , to show the occasion in the best way. Our photographers have been working as PR photographers for several years, giving a wide range of skills and expertise to any photoshoot. We also have a video team on hand for any additional footage you would like of your event.

Public Relations photography gives you all the content you need to promote your business over different marketing channels. The most prominent being social media where your PR photos can stand out and communicate with your audience. Images are among the most shared content on social media and with professionally taken photographs on your social media sites,  these photographs gather interest and they can boost the audiences of your web pages and media sites.

If you would like to enquire about any of our services or quotations including our charity rates, please contact Lensmen for professional PR  Photography at +353 (1) 819 7738 (or) mail us at

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