Yesterday, in aid of saving the next generation from the dangers of smoking, doctors in the UK appealed to the British Medical Association to ban the sale of cigarettes to anybody born after the year 2000. If anyone’s qualified to comment on the medical effects of smoking, clearly it’s doctors, but does that same expertise transcend to the side effects of prohibition? You can’t fault their sentiment, but what do you think of the avenue?
To stir those mental juices, here is a video we shot last year of a sledgehammer-wielding doctor demolishing a smoking shed.

Master of Rotunda Hospital demolishes smoking shed from Lensmen Photography and Video on Vimeo.If you’re planning on the carefully orchestrated destruction of you own goods, why not hire the professional services of Lensmen Photography & Video. Broadcast to the world in style that you’re tired of your old shed, or conversely we could produce a time-lapse of a new development you’re planning, or even design a video campaign. Our passion is your representation.