The View (Through the Lens)

Taking a stroll through the streets of Dublin nowadays brings all sorts of thoughts to mind. For a start, where did all those tower cranes come from?

We didn’t notice them until they were already in place, almost overnight -everywhere. And who is the person who has the unenviable job of putting the lights along the jib (at least we think that’s what it is called) as they swing casually in the wind?

The view from one of these grandiose structures must be thrilling, even if the climb to the top brings challenges to the operator. Our heroes, stranded high above the Dublin streetscapes. Changing perspectives in a Grand Design way.

Drones offer unique opportunities to see things differently, a chance to take a birds eye view and capture images previously out of reach, to question our presumptions. Maybe the roof does need fixing, a facelift at least; and who would have thought there is a roof garden there, of all places.

Drone aerial video footage is unique in almost every facet. The very fact that pictures are taken from high above your chosen project, in a fly – by manner, is exhilarating.

The visual dexterity of Drone Video and Photography offers availability of exterior (permission based) and interior shots of projects previously recorded purely from ground level, or a convenient elevated position. Unless you had budget to go for a Helicopter filled with daredevil photographers and equally off the scale cameras – you were relegated to a less than Premier league result.

Happily those days are over.

We are not going to Drone on here, suffice to say, if you would like Drone Aerial views for your construction or property project, we have one of the most advanced pieces of kit you’ll see. In the right hands, your Pilot will change your understanding of what is possible in order to help bring your Grand Design to a Living Conclusion.

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